Fortnite Advisory is a career transitioning and market research company.

We assist individuals who are making a shift in their careers from those who are retired and those who want to explore other avenues in any phase of their lives.

Fortnite applies an unconventional approach to advisory, particularly in changing a career path, we go beyond advising, to assist in your initial steps in realizing your goals.

In research, our team consists of critical thinkers and analysts whose perspectives are well informed.


In career transitioning, we assist in pursuing the following:

Starting a company

In any sector that resonates with


Buy an existing franchise or establish
a known brand in a new location.


Start a foundation/charity or guide you through identifying those that you might want to support financially and otherwise.

Buy a farm

Whether you do it for
leisure or commercial purposes.

Real estate

To build your own property

At the core of our business operandi is a key focus on strategy formulation and planning with the intent to guide you through the implementation.


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